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Kromphardt defeats Mital, grabs 2nd upset! - Davenport police talk Mital down from Centennial Bridge - joins Beydler at Vera French

Roger Kromphardt pulled off his 2nd big upset in as many weeks, defeating the current King of the Hill, Joe Mital, in Round 4 of the June tourney.

The victories put Roger in a clear 2nd place behind winner Tom Seeley. Roger also wins the month's upset prize, and will get a free entry into his next club tourney.

And also for the 2nd time in two weeks, Davenport police had to talk down an Illowa member from the Centennial Bridge. The police checked Mital into a local mental health facility, where he joins Kromphardt's previous victim, John Beydler, who has been spending the last week arranging flowers. The police are now stationing a permanent guard at the bridge on Tuesday nights until further notice.

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Seeley wins June tourney - rises to #2 in club standings to challenge Mital

Tom Seeley drove to No. 1 in June by winning 3 and drawing 1 to score a clear 1st place. The victory also puts him within 0.5 points of club leader Joe Mital in the overall club standings.

There has been no clear leader this year as far as the monthly tourneys are concerned. In 5 months there have been 5 different winners. Tom is the first player of the year to win two monthly tourneys. Will he continue to make his move to become the club's clear No. 1?

It's possible, because Tom's planned move to the east coast has been delayed until December at least. So all the players who have been hoping to move up by one in the standings will have to come up with a better strategy than that.

Good luck.

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Vera French now houses more Illowa members than Maquoketa Jail - demographic studies show members at Vera French outnumber Maquoketa members two-to-one

In a surprising development caused by the sudden mental health problems suffered by recent victims of Roger Kromphardt, the population of club members at Vera French has burgeoned, and now exceeds the population of members at the Maquoketa jail.

What this means to the dwindling number of club members that still roam free among the populace is unknown at this time. Currently there are no plans to change the schedule of monthly tournaments.

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Kromphardt upsets Beydler in Round 3 - Davenport police talk Beydler down from Centennial Bridge

After a long absence of upsets in our club tourneys, Roger Kromphardt scored an impressive win Tuesday night against Big John Beydler.

With a rating differential of approximately 300 points between them, the victory is as clear an upset as we've had in some time. Now only Greg Ganoe can take the upset prize away from Roger if he defeats Peralta in Round 4 next week.

But late on Tuesday night, a citizen reported seeing a man clutching a chess board and clock climbing toward the upper reaches of the Centennial bridge. After a long standoff, the distraught Beydler finally agreed to climb down when the police told him of Kromphardt's promise not to submit their game for publication on the web site.

After Beydler climbed down from the bridge, Davenport police took him into custody, gave him a 1/2 point bye for Round 4, and checked him into a hospital for observation and treatment.

We all wish him a speedy recovery and hope he will be well enough to play in the July tourney.

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Seeley refuses to leave Illowa - tells parents to go pound sand

In a surprising development, Tom Seeley has informed us that he will not be moving to the East coast with his parents after the June tourney as he originally had planned.

"I can't bring myself to move," he said. "The guys here are great, I like the Quad Cities, and I've never won rating points this easily."

Tom is expected to play in the July tourney.

"After that," he said, "it will depend on whether I can find a good homeless shelter."

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No chess July 4 - Round 1 of July tourney will be July 11

Due to the holiday on Tuesday, July 4, Round 1 of the July tourney will not begin until the following Tuesday, July 11.

As a result of this, the last round of the July tourney will be played on August 1. But since August has 5 Tuesdays, we will still be able to get the August tournament completed before the end of the month. Round 1 of the August tourney will begin August 8, with the last round on August 29th.

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Seeley, Mital lead going into Round 3 - Seeley trying to go out with a bang

Tom Seeley and Joe Mital are wrapped up in 1st as Tom tries to finish a winner in his last tourney at the club. The two are the only remaining undefeated players in the tourney.

But while Tom may be trying to go out with a bang, Joe Mital has been beating everything in sight. So next week's matchup between the two should be quite a show.

I don't want to show partiality, but Joe will always be around to win another tourney, whereas this is Tom's final bow. I know Joe won't mind if I say: Good luck on a strong finish, Tom!

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Andre produces new chess player - Genevieve Michelle makes strong opening move in very tough game

Andre and Suzette Wilson gave birth to daughter Genevieve Michelle Wilson on May 31. Congratulations, Andre and Suzette!

Andre also reports the good news that he's been keeping up with his chess whenever he could, and may be back with us for the July tourney.

Congrats again, Andre!

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Renew your USCF membership through club and get discount - get $4 off and get the club $4 too

This has not been publicized as it should have been, but the club gets an $8 discount for memberships renewed through the club. In other words, the normal renewal cost for one year is $49. But the club only has to pay the USCF $41 to get the player renewed.

So in order to encourage club members to renew through the club, we will split the difference with the member. So if you write a check to the club for renewing your membership, you will only have to pay $45. You will save $4, and the other $4 will go to the club.

So when you come up for renewal, please remember to help your club and yourself by renewing through the club.

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Mital a TD-in-training - accepted by Club Elders after promising not to pocket entry fees

Joe Mital is functioning as Tournament Director this month under the tutelage of John Beydler. This will give us three TDs for the club, enough to hopefully handle any eventuality.

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Reclusive Club Champion shows up for Skittles Night - hermit shows up to scavenge free food

Reclusive 2005 Club Champion John Imgrund made a rare appearance before club members last Tuesday when he showed up for the free food and, oh yes, some chess. Like a dolphin breaking water for a handler's treat, he surfaced at the Borders Cafe to grab the freebies from the Club's hand. Now if we could just get him to play in a tourney.

But we had a good turnout, spent some money on ourselves, played some casual chess, and pretty much had a good time.

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Local DJ wins May tourney - Luis gets first victory of year

Luis Peralta defeated contender Don Bruemmer in the final round on Tuesday to win outright the May tourney with 3.5 points. He enters the Illowa Club Hall of Fame for the first time this year.

Congratulations, Luis!!

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Mital climbs to top of standings - snuck to top when Bruemmer wasn't looking

With a strong 2nd place performance in the May tourney, Joe Mital gained ground in the club standings on all players except winner Luis Peralta. The margins were enough for him to overtake previous King of the Hill Don Bruemmer.

But being the fastest draw in the West has its disadvantages. Good luck at staying up there, Joe.

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June last chance to take rating points from Seeley! - pairings will be given to the four highest bidders

The June tourney will be the last chance club members have to steal rating points from Tom Seeley. Seeley leaves the club after this month when he moves out east.

Demand for pairings with the 1700-something player have been brisk to say the least. So the Club Elders have decided to hold a silent auction for the four June pairings with him next Tuesday night at Borders.

Proceeds will go to the Club Elders Retirement Fund, where a whole lot of the excess club cash has been going anyway.

So make sure you play in June, and say good-bye to young Skywalker.

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So after all that, how did the colors turn out in May? - imbalances=0; failure to get alternate colors=2

Here are the actual color assignments that were played in the May tournament:

Beydler bwbw
Peralta bwwb
Seeley wbwb
Mital wwbb
Bruemmer bwbw
Machalek wb bye w
Killian bwbw
Kromphardt bye* bw bye
Ganoe bye bwb
Long wb--

*requested bye

# of imbalances: 0
# of failures to get alternate colors: 2

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Seeley enters Illowa Hall of Fame with 8-game streak - stopped by Mital in Round 3

Tom Seeley completed a handsome 8-game run spanning 3 monthly tourneys Tuesday night. He was brought to a screeching halt by Joe Mital in Round 3.

Tom went 6-0-2, a winning percentage of .750. He joins Mark Flowers and Don Bruemmer in the record books, good company indeed.

Congratulations, Tom. That's a good legacy to leave behind.

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Seeley extends streak - Young Skywalker defeats Darth Vader again - disheartened villain considers hanging up his lightsaber and trying online poker

Young upstart Tom Seeley kept his streak alive last Tuesday by downing John Beydler for the second time in as many months. He is also positioned for a possible 2nd consecutive victory in a monthly tourney. Trying to go out in style, I guess.

But the disillusioned Vader is considering hanging it up, as we found out when we caught up to him at a local bar after the game.

"I'm sick and tired of playing this damn Jedi wannabe," he complained as he downed another shot of Scotch. "And he doesn't give a damn about my asthma," he wheezed bitterly.

"I'd suspect something was wrong with our pairings," he went on, "but I make the freakin' things myself!

"Maybe I should switch to our sponsor's online poker games. There's less luck in poker."

As the dejected villain dragged his cape behind him out of the bar, I could only think of how he would almost certainly have to play young Skywalker again next month.

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What Illowa member is a DJ at KALA radio? - Hint: he spins duranquense, ranchero, and salsa

Is it still a mystery to you?

Hint #2: He's agreed to take requests from club members, provided that they're delivered in perfect Spanish.

Still a mystery? Then check it out.

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Club Elders decide on new pairings method - henceforth, all pairings will be made by roll of dice

After recent disputes about the pairings, the Tribal Council has met and decided to go with a revolutionary new system that involves rolling dice to establish pairings.

"From now on," Club Elder Steve Killian announced triumphantly, "tournament score, rating, and color history will be totally irrelevant in the pairing system. This new method will take all judgment, thought, and skill out of the picture, which is something we've been trying to do for months now.

"Of course, the procedure for how many dice are rolled and the interpretation of the results are highly subjective and will take an experienced, trained Tournament Director to be able to accomplish.

"We plan on publishing on the website the complicated set of rules for rolling and interpreting the dice so everyone can understand just how it works.

"It's taken a while, but we're making progress. By the end of the year we expect to have a pairing system so simple, even George Bush could understand it.

"Well, maybe Dick Cheney."

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All seriousness aside, pairing and color balance rules for WinTD posted - for computer-generated pairings - human pairings may be different

I've put a new link on the pairings page that will display the WinTD pairing and color assignment procedure. Please read the disclaimer at the beginning very carefully. I mean every word of it.

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Webmaster near exhaustion - "keeping members from taking themselves too seriously has become a 24/7 job," he complains - angry wife leaves him for higher-rated player

A tired, distraught, but still highly intelligent webmaster and Club Elder hovered on the edge of a nervous but stable breakdown this week as he scrambled to keep things under control at the club.

"Well, the worst seems to be over," the hugely popular webmaster said. "We found some problems, we've made some changes [see article above on new "dice-roll" pairing method], and I think we've got it under control now.

"But I never dreamed it would be this way," the vibrant, articulate elder added.

"I thought making the club a little more competitive would be a fun thing, something everyone would enjoy and take more of an interest in. I had no idea we had so many members playing for their Grandmaster norms.

"And if that wasn't enough, because of all this my wife has left me for a player rated a mere 500 points above me. At least she could have run away with a Master.

"Life's just not fair."

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Saturday skittles now permanent at Family Museum - Kromphardt agrees to put up tables and chairs every Saturday for a year

Our successful engagement at the Family Museum has been renewed by the management for at least a year after a series of tough negotiations led by club member Roger Kromphardt.

The deal was clinched when Roger agreed to personally put up the tables and chairs for a year so other club members wouldn't have to be stuck with the nasty job.

However, Roger is probably expecting enough participation from club members that there will always be someone there to set up. See Roger (or call at 563 508-0648) to volunteer your services, especially if you're a regular attendee.

My vision is a club with two divisions: a competitive club (Tuesday nights) and an informal club (Saturdays). I think there are plenty of players in the area who would be interested in chess as a casual, relaxing activity, but would have no interest whatsoever in playing competitively. This would be for them.

And it could also serve as a feeder club for the competitive division. If some of the casual players get hooked and want more, the casual club would be a gradual and paced introduction to the tougher environment of tournament play. For example, unrated, informal tourneys could be held that would introduce them gradually to the competitive level.

Also be aware that Roger's chess classes will be available for children between the ages of 6 and 12. Their parents can call the Museum to sign up, and when there are enough enrollees, Roger will conduct the class.

There's potential here. Thanks, Roger. It's your efforts that made this happen.

And good luck with the chairs!

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Ten players show up for May - players brave good weather to play chess

Ten souls braved the good weather to play chess this month, including the long absent Bob Long. Bob last played in July 2005, and it's good to have him back.

Long, Mital, and Killian were winners at the end of the night. They ended the evening celebrating their victories at the Village Inn, where they ate good food and mercilessly bad-mouthed the losers. They were removed by Davenport police when they refused to leave the restaurant at closing time because they had one more game to analyze.

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Seeley running a 7 game streak - currently 5-0-2, but will he reach Bruemmer's 10?

Unbeknownst to us all, Tom Seeley has been surreptitiously piecing together a winning streak over the last three tourneys.

It started with the final two rounds of the March tourney, continued throughout the April tourney, and is still going after Round 1 of May. Where it will end is anyone's guess, but the man to beat for length is Don Bruemmer at 10, count them, 10 games uninterrupted by a loss.

Go for it, Tom, and good luck!

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Seeley leaving club - moving with family to east coast

It's not enough that we've lost Jack Dunbar to health problems and Mark Flowers to the night shift, now we lose young Tom Seeley to a relocation.

Tom's family is moving to Maryland. He will be relocating with them and continuing his education there. The June tourney will be Tom's last at the club. Club members have only 7 more opportunities to grab rating points from him before he's gone.

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Negotiations underway to continue skittles at Family Museum - expect to resume operations within two weeks

The Bettendorf family museum is considering letting us have the same space every Saturday for the entire year starting in two weeks.

The new coordinator has to clear it with her boss and get approval, but seems interested in allowing us to continue.  Nothing definite yet, but so far so good. it would be the same time and place that we have now.  Fees may be needed, but we're not sure how it will end up.

Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

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Seeley wins first tourney since return from exile - must be stopped or school grades will not improve, members fear

Tom Seeley, the Luke Skywalker of the Illowa Chess Club, has triumphed in his 1st tourney win since returning to the club. In the final round of the April tourney, young Skywalker defeated the formidable John Beydler, currently the Darth Vader of our club.

Skywalker finished with a score of 3.5 points.

But club members are concerned that if the young Skywalker continues to win, the study of chess will replace his academic studies and he will never become a Jedi knight as he is destined to be.

But there is a solution to this dilemma, Tom. Listen to the wise advice of Yoda (Joe Mital) and Obi-Wan Kenobi (beloved webmaster). Don't waste your time studying chess books, memorizing openings, or solving tactical problems. Instead, when you play, use the force, Tom, use the force!

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Flowers working night shift - will be sorely missed at monthlies

In a discouraging development for our club, Mark Flowers has moved to the night shift at Oscar Meyer and will not be playing in our monthlies for an indefinite period of time. The higher level of competitiveness he gave to our tourneys will be sorely missed.

This is especially discouraging after the loss of the venerable Jack Dunbar due to deteriorating eyesight.

On the brighter side for Mark, though, he now has weekends free, and plans to play in the nearby tourneys in Iowa and Illinois. We'll miss you, Mark, but we'll be watching the local tourney crosstables for your name.

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Killian shares Class B prize at Iowa Class Championships - encouraging win, but discouraging turnout

Steve Killian managed to become the Iowa Class B co-Champion at the recent Iowa Class Championships tournament held at Grinnell College this past weekend.

But the field consisted of only five Class B players. Many strong Class B players that would have been in the field were instead playing in the Iowa Closed High School Championship, which was being run in parallel there.

The tournament section consisted of both Class B and Class C players, with the best Class B player and Class C player score winning the respective championship.

Killian finished with 3 points in the 5-round tourney. He lost the trophy on tiebreaks but shared the cash prize and title with Iowa eccentric and Johnny Carson veteran Dave Wolz, who thankfully agreed to wear clothes during his games.

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Club OKs new pairing system for remainder of year - will continue to pair players adjacent in standings rather than top vs. bottom

Club members were polled before Tuesday's game concerning the continuation for the rest of the year of the "experimental" pairing system we've been using in 2006. Comments were generally favorable and a clear majority favored continuing. Some players still had reservations, but were willing to go along with the rest of the club.

But nothing is cast in concrete, and we will reconsider this again before we begin our 2007 championship cycle.

Thanks to everyone for their openness and for being willing to experiment. And thanks to all for your unanimous desire to do what's best for the club and our sacred monthly tourneys.

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Seeley stops Bruemmer - 10-game streak comes to an end

As the night drew to a close sometime after 10 PM, the near-empty room had one last pair of players battling it out: Seeley and Bruemmer.

Don, who was looking to extend his streak to eleven games, could not hold off Seeley, who had enough of an advantage to force a mate in the corner to end the game.

Congratulations to Tom for bringing home the point against the hottest guy in the club, and congratulations to Don for an outstanding winning streak.

But all streaks have to end sometime.

For a comparison of club winning streaks through 2005 - 2006, see the next article.

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Club winning streaks, 2005 - 2006 - who's had the best streak?

We've had two club players come up with good undefeated streaks in 2005 and 2006, but who's had the longest? And who's had the best winning percentage? The answers are in the table below.

Illowa Club Winning Streaks
Months Player Length
of streak
Win %




So who's going to step up next?

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Club meeting next week @6:30 - to decide on pairings, other items - if you can't make it, e-mail me with your vote on pairings - be advised no show and no e-mail = no preference

With April drawing to a close, we need to decide if we will continue with our "experimental" pairing system for the remainder of the year.

This will be the main purpose of the meeting, but of course other topics are welcome if you would like to bring something up for discussion.

Since some folks have difficulty getting to the hotel that early, you can also give me your druthers by e-mail. You don't have to be there to express your preference. As always, though, a no show AND no e-mail will be interpreted as no preference.

We will also discuss what we want to do for the May skittles night. I intend to propose that we meet at Borders or Barnes and Noble on either side of the river so that we can get a little public exposure and perhaps do a little recruiting. I also think the club can afford to spring for some free food/drink there.

Another possibility is Tom Merrill's Bent River establishment if we can get a clarification that PJ and Kloppy can get in.

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Bruemmer, Big John draw - Bruemmer extends undefeated streak to 10 games

The hottest piece of merchandise at the Illowa Chess Club in 2006 is Don Bruemmer. In the biggest match-up of the year to date, Bruemmer was paired against the club's second highest rated player, Class A member 'Big John' Beydler.

After defeating the always tough Joe Mital in Round 1, Bruemmer obviously did not get any breaks in the Round 2 pairings.

But despite giving Beydler an expansive amount of space going into the endgame, he somehow found the resources needed to keep Big John at bay and draw the game.

With two more rounds left, it's still anybody's guess who will grab the April tourney for themselves.

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Bruemmer sent to New Orleans to aid in Katrina relief effort - Beydler, Mital seen tying him to southbound barge at Lock and Dam 15

The club sadly learned today from members John Beydler and Joe Mital that current club hotshot Don Bruemmer has been suddenly called to New Orleans on "urgent school district business" and may not be playing for the rest of the tourney.

Mital, who seemed genuinely disappointed by the news, said that he and Beydler had "seen him off and wished him Godspeed."

"I know most people don't think of a river as a means for business travel," Mital grinned strangely, "but you have to admit that cruising the Mississippi is a wonderful way to see our beautiful country."

"And his stateroom was the largest I've ever seen," Beydler added as he choked back strong emotion.

"Yes, and it was so big," Mital added as tears streamed down his cheeks and his lip quivered uncontrollably, "that he had to share it with about 120 tons of scrap iron!"

At the close of this strange and emotional conversation, which had been punctuated by the pair high-fiving each other repeatedly, Mital and Beydler expressed their hope that Don would be back soon.

"Oh, I'm sure he'll be back," Mital said optimistically, "in time for the 2007 championship."

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Kromphardt in sole possession of tourney lead - takes back everything he said about lower-rated players

The Round 2 Beydler-Bruemmer draw has unexpectedly thrust the tourney lead into the hands of a contrary-turned-contrite Roger Kromphardt.

Kromphardt, who had vehemently objected to playing any more lower-rated players for the rest of the decade, was last seen whistling a different tune.

"I never said anything bad about lower-rated players," he deadpanned. "Some of my best friends are lower-rated players.

"In fact, I think it's good to play lower-rated players," he went on, "and I volunteer from here on out to ONLY play against lower-rated players."

The new tournament leader, in fact, had even been seen around the club giving lessons to admiring club members entitled "Upset-avoidance Strategy Against Low-Rated Players: How to Turn Impending Defeat into a 2-round Tournament Lead."

"I'm excited about my new course offering," Kromphardt explained. "Between my new course and Bonzo's course on time management, our club now offers everything the aspiring low-rated player needs to stay there for years on end."

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Welcome back to Jim Nichols - returns for April tourney after long absence

The club welcomes Jim Nichols back after a long absence. Jim was last seen by club members in the July '05 tourney, but we haven't played him since.

It's good to see you back, Jim, and we hope you'll play a little more frequently this year.

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Webmaster apologizes to Beydler for research error - "I made a mistake in judgment," sobbing webmaster confesses - gets sympathy call from Dan Rather

Amid increasing questions about the authenticity of documents used in support of a website article on April 6 claiming that John Beydler's recent 1804 rating was his "highest ever," a distraught and shaken Illowa webmaster apologized to the universally revered Beydler.

"I trusted the USCF documents," he said, "but I had no idea some of them had been withheld from me."

Killian explained that the documents he looked at only went back to 2002, but he was unaware of additional records going back to somewhere in the Middle Ages.

"I only reviewed his last 50 tournaments," he said ruefully. "I didn't know he was once rated in the 1900s until he showed me the scroll.

"I just got careless. I didn't think he could remember anything prior to 2002 anyway. And even when he told me last week that he had been rated in the 1900s, I thought he was talking about the YEAR he was first rated. "

Club members were aghast, and had a variety of responses, none of them good.

Joe Mital looked up from his Round 2 game and said, "Steve let us down," as his clock ran out.

A recently come-of-age Tom Merrill shook his head sadly and said, "Steve is not a virgin any more."

And an angry Roger Kromphardt demanded, "An apology isn't enough. He should be paired only against lower-rated players for the rest of the year."

But a comforting phone call from Dan Rather helped put things in perspective.

"Dan reminded me of something very important during our call," Killian said thankfully, "and that is that at least John Beydler isn't the President of the United States."

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Send me your feedback on new pairing system - - will circulate comments among membership and on website

There's no reason we need to wait until the next meeting on April 25 to start discussing whether we will stick with the new pairing system for the rest of the year. We can get some of that out of the way now.

Send me your comments on the pairing system and I'll e-mail them to the rest of the membership as I get them.

I will also post the comments on the stats page, which I will update to include April rating stats once the 4th round pairings are done.

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Beydler takes the 'A' train - rolls past the 1800 mark for highest rating ever

This train may not take him to Sugar Hill in Harlem like the one in the great jazz song does, but it did get him into new Class A territory as far as chess is concerned.

John's winning performance in the March tourney was rewarded by a well-deserved jump out of the B class into Class A. This makes him the 2nd highest rated member of the club after Club Champ John Imgrund.

Beydler has been by far the most consistent player in the club. In 2005 he won only one monthly tourney, yet his rating always stayed steady in the 1700 range throughout the year, and he always was a contender in every tourney.

Congratulations, John, but be advised that there are many players down here who want some of those points back.

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Top Gun Bruemmer shows up for April - has difficulty getting head through door

Don Bruemmer, in the midst of a great streak that has put him in the #1 spot in the club standings for the last two months, continues his run for the gold in the April tourney.

It was iffy whether he would play this month, what with the deadly combination of the golf season and daylight savings time coming into play this month, but apparently he wants to play that streak as far as it will take him.

There were a few anxious moments just before starting time, however. As Don attempted to enter the playing room to sign up for the tourney, his head unexpectedly got stuck in the doorway. But thanks to our Davenport fire fighters, who worked frantically with cutting torches to free him, he was extricated from the unfriendly door jamb just in time to enter the tournament.

So we'll all be watching anxiously to see how long Don will be able to extend his streak, and to see which game will win out over the summer, golf or chess.

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Some stats on tourney pairing system - has it affected opponent strength?

With two tourneys under our belt, I thought I'd look to see how this new system has changed things for our tournaments.

The original thinking was that:

  • lower rated players would play each other more than under the old system

  • higher rated players would not get free games in the first one or two rounds

  • Tournaments would be more competitive because a higher rated player would have to beat his peers first. Then when playing lower rated players at the end of the tourney, those players would still be the best lower-rated players available based on their tourney performance and rating.

So has that panned out as expected?

To translate the points above into numbers, it would mean that:

  • the average rating of a lower-rated player's opponents should decrease;

  • the average rating of a higher-rated player's opponents should increase

So I looked at 5 tournaments, 3 in 2005 under the old system, and the two we have had under the new. For each tourney I calculated the average rating of ALL the players in the field.

I then picked three sample players from each tourney: a higher-rated player who finished high in the standings, a middle-rated player who finished in the middle of the standings, and a low-rated player who finished near the bottom of the standings.

I then calculated the average rating of their opponents for the tourney. Then I divided by the average rating for the whole tourney to get a ratio. For example, a 1.0 would mean that a player's opponent strength was the same as the tourney's overall strength, 0.8 would mean that a player's average opponent strength was below the tourney average, and 1.2 would mean that a player's average opponent strength was above the tourney average.

Now I know what you're thinking. Your thinking: "This guy's got way too much time on his hands." And I would agree, but my engineer's curiosity just got the better of me and I had to crunch the numbers.

So here they are for whatever they're worth. I'll let you draw your own conclusions and compare the numbers to what you thought from actually playing in the tourneys. You can also view all the 2005 tourney crosstables from the Pairings page and crunch your own numbers if you want.

to tourney stats

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We need TDs - anyone interested?

With summer and vacations and absentee players coming up this summer, we could probably use a couple of additional Tournament Directors to keep things moving. If you are interested, let me know.

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